5 Keys to Refresh Your Website to Boost Sales!

Now is the perfect time to turn your website into your best salesperson.

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Refresh Your Website to Boost Sales mini-course

5 Things Every Business Owner Should Know About Your Website

There are really only five things your website needs to do in order to start making you money.

1.     Speak your audience’s language, in the first video, you'll discover how to research your audience, pick your micro-niche, and create a customer persona.

2.     Make it easy to take action, in the second video, I'll reveal a persuasive and proven copywriting framework that will cause your readers to take action.

3. Get found by your audience. In the third video, you'll discover how easy SEO research is and find the right phrases your audience is already searching for, so you can become visible to them!

4. Solve the right problem. In the fourth video, you'll discover reasons why most websites haven't been working and what to do about it so your website won't have that problem!

5. Lead them to a solution. In the final video, you'll discover the power of creating a customer journey and a strong call to action to help your audience take the next step with you.

Why am I qualified to teach on this topic?

I’m a marketing advisor and certified direct response copywriting. I’m mentored by Ray Edwards, one of the best copywriters the world knows.

I’ve conducted hundreds of website audits for my clients. Through those experiences I’ve amassed a lot of data on what works and what doesn’t work.

In my full blown Strategic Website Audit Service worth $2,500, I do most of the work --Research, SEO analysis, Competitor analysis, Domain analysis, Web Page analysis, Copy assessments and implementation of the improvement recommendations -- for you.  

But now, I’m releasing a new, low-cost 3 Keys to Profit Producing Website to share “Do-It-Yourself” Website Audit secrets to teach you how to improve your website on your own.

Just Right for the “Do-It-Yourself” type

Now you can leverage my extensive knowledge in a way you can easily consume and use on your own for a whole lot less! Just $97! (That’s a $2,499 off my normal service!)

This $97 product doesn’t offer all the features of my full service audit, but it does provide you valuable insights you can put to work right away.

When You Take Action Right Now You’ll Receive These BONUSES

As a reward for taking decisive action today, I’m going to give you not one, not two, but three bonuses to help you make your website the best it can be.

Bonus 1 – Not sure your website has any issues? You might be surprised.

You’ll learn 5 Ways Your Losing Money with Your Website and How to Fix it Fast in my free ebook.

In this quick read ebook, you’ll discover common website problems, like ineffective headlines, improper use of above-the-fold space, and “Me” marketing. You’ll also learn how to fix those problems so you avoid the painful consequences of an underperforming website.

Bonus 2 – Think your team is handling your website just fine?

Use my proven 35-point Customer Experience Checklist to validate your website is designed with the customer in mind.

This checklist guides you through web page best practices to make your visitor’s experience on your website a pleasant and rewarding one.

Bonus 3 – Unsure what to write?

My 26-Point Powerful Copy Checklist will guide you through critical persuasive techniques to ensure your message is powerful.

Words matter and knowing how to use words to get your readers to take action is critical. This checklist will ensure you are employing the right techniques to get action.

What Our Clients Say

“Elizabeth produced excellent quality of sales copy for our conference landing pages. Nice and clear and concise. Very impressed with the quality and clarity of writing. Fast turnaround is very much appreciated.”

Carl Sudholz International Institute of Business Analysts, Australia

“Elizabeth helped me shortly before the launch of our website redesign. Very quickly, she edited my copy, shared keen insights and offered suggestions on additional opportunities.”

Florence Diaz, Arvynil Laminates

If you suspect your email or landing page copy is not the best it could be and is maybe holding you back, here's a tip. Ask Elizabeth Marks to give you an alternate version. She's fast, cost-effective, PLF educated and high quality. Start small. Just one email or one landing page. Pay her reasonable fee. 

Kenelm Tonkin, Entrepreneur's Life

No Fuss or Hassle Guarantee

You’ll get a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the quality of the teaching.

I promise to share with you the best tips, techniques, and practices to ensure you can implement them on your own and turn your website into a money-making machine.