Before You Jump Into a New Online Business Avoid These 5 Mistakes and Save Yourself Endless Frustration.

  • Mistake #1: Over Complicating Things
  • Mistake #2: Spending Before Earning
  • Mistake #3: Focus on the Tools Before the Process
  • Mistake #4: Neglecting Your Mind
  • Mistake #5: Not Getting or Listening to Advice
  • Reasons for starting a business: 80% Power and control over life, 78% Personal freedom, and 57% Being out of work.
  • Your thoughts control more than just what you think. Studies show getting your thoughts aligned with your vision is the only way to accomplish your goals.
  • What to never do in your business, and Why. (If you get this wrong, people will walk away and you’ll never hear from them again.)
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Meet Elizabeth.

Hello, I’m Elizabeth Marks, Marketing Advisor and Copywriting Specialist. I help business owners, like you, start marketing your business online without the stress and hassle. I primarily focus on list building lead generating activities.

But I didn’t always do that. No, I held a very cushy six-figure corporate job for 30+ years with a high-tech company. Although, I had multiple skills and added value in every interaction, the powers that be still laid me off in 2017, before all the Covid-19 craziness. I had been dreaming of working for myself for years, so that became my opportunity.  I launched into my own marketing business.

 Why share that with you?

Because through my journey to entrepreneurship I found several things slowed my progress. It’s those things I want to you to avoid so you can build your business faster than I did.