New 3-Day Intensive for Women Entrepreneurs!

Give Me 3 Days and You’ll Walk Out with a Complete System for Generating Qualified Leads to Grow Your Business Fast!  

(Without cold calling, networking, blogging, or having an email list!)

In this letter, you will not only discover the secrets to generate leads automatically (almost like you're own ATM machine), but also: • Learn how to create lead magnet ideas faster than you can say super-cali-fraga-listic! • Write a compelling landing page to drive your audience to enter their email address and grow your list. • Craft an email series to nurture and build anticipation in your audience for your next offer.  

And more!  

If you struggle with low sales…

If you’re frustrated with inconsistent or unqualified leads…

If you need to grow your business but don’t know how to leverage systems, you’re in the right place.  

I have a solution for you, which I’ll tell you more about in a minute.  

You might have started out going to every networking opportunity only to be discouraged by the lack of results. You know you need to “get out there” to let your audience know you exist, but you might be unsure exactly how to do this at scale.  

The result is inconsistent income…where you feel stuck in the feast or famine cycle.  

I’ve Been There Myself … You Need to Know There’s a Cost of Not Addressing This Issue 

I know how it feels. When I wasn’t making what I needed, I tried everything. I got desperate and started applying for jobs knowing full-well no one would call me back! (Hint: Taking a step backward, doesn’t move you forward.) Panic set in and I started searching for items in my house I could sell just to get by. Fear was ruling me. Decisions became harder as I was paralyzed by fear of making the wrong choice.  

What I Really Wanted Was A Consistent Flow of Income  

I longed for the time when I could focus on the part of my business that I enjoyed the most. I wanted to attract my ideal customers without having to pursue them. I wanted to figure out how to reach qualified leads so I didn’t waste time with people who weren’t my ideal audience.  

I Almost Didn’t Make It 

I didn’t have a clearly defined target audience, an email list, or knowledge of the systems to leverage for growth. But I wasn’t going to let that stop me.  

It wasn’t easy. I experimented with ideas I learned from internet marketing gurus. I tried what they said and had some results but it wasn’t enough. I invested in getting help from proven mentors in my industry and that’s when things started to change.  

That’s Why I Created the Qualified-Lead-Generating Machine Workshop to Help Women Just Like You.  

I put a proven 6-step process in place. It's the same simple system I use every day to achieve my business goals. It makes miracles happen for me. I believe it can make miracles happen for you, too. 

But only if you learn this system and put it to work on Your dreams. You can learn my whole system of success in just 3 days in my workshop! Those 3 days can change the rest of your life if you put what you learn into action. Join me to gain the tools to create your dream future, one step at a time. 

Announcing the Lead-Generating-Machine workshop!  

Come in with NO prospects. Walk out with a Lead-Generating-Machine plan to multiple your revenue fast. It’s a 3-Day Hands-On Intensive.  


You're in luck! I'm letting the first 12 students in for half price. 

Normal price: $5,000

Your price: $2,499 (for a limited time)  

Schedule a Personal Consultation Today to See If This Workshop Is Right for You

Here's what I'll be teaching...

Here’s What You’ll Get at the Lead-Generating-Machine Workshop…  

It worked for me, and now you can benefit from this same proven method.  

Maybe you're thinking about all the other workshops you've attend. There was lots of homework but no results. This is different!  

When you come to this 3-Day Intensive, I’ll be your guide to walk you through the system step-by-step. That means you’ll have access to an expert Direct Response Copywriter to optimize your copy to speak to your audience. 

You'll actually get the work done at the intensive. 

And, if you struggle with the technology stuff, I've got your back.


Day One: Attract Your Ideal Customers Through Valuable Lead Magnet • Discover the secret of effortlessly coming up with great lead magnet ideas. • Outline your perfect lead magnet. • Use my Lead Magnet Checklist to easily attract your ideal client.  

Day Two: Crafting Compelling Landing Page & Email Series • Discover the “behind-the-scenes” of an effective landing page to create a persuasive page prompting your audience to voluntarily give you their email address. • Use the landing page checklist to ensure your message compels your ideal client to opt-in to your offer. • How to write the first email to delivery your valuable lead magnet. • How to think through an email series with a story board to nurture your potential clients until they are ready to buy.  

Day Three: How to Design an Irresistible Offer Sales Page to Gain New Customers Instantly. • Learn the secrets to creating an irresistible offer for your sales page that leaves your audience with no other decision than to buy from you! • Use the sales page offer checklist to activate your prospects to become clients.  

The investment for the Lead-Generating-Machine Workshop is $5,000 $2,499. Space is limited and you must qualify to attend. That's the reason for the call. 

It Doesn’t Just Work for Me, here are a few experiences with my clients:  

Kimberly, a consignment store owner, was struggling with low margins in her business due to the overhead. She wanted more income. But no matter how many hours she put in at the store, she didn’t see any revenue boosts. After working with me, we identified a strategy to create another source of income by leveraging her skills as a personal stylist. She became excited about the possibility of helping women on a deeper level than just selling clothes. Now, we’re working on a product launch for her new personal style coaching program. And she couldn’t be happier!  

Karen, serial entrepreneur, held a false belief that she needed multiple businesses to support her lifestyle. In reality, managing multiple businesses was draining and she wasn't able to give enough attention to any one of the businesses to really make the impact she wanted to. After we talked a few times, she identified the business that she was most passionate about and got to work crafting the offer, sales funnel, and email sequences to draw her ideal customers to her automatically. Now, she’s pumped to be focusing on the one business that means the most to her.  

Vanessa has a passion for health and wanted to grow her audience through educational materials. She’s seen first-hand the devastation that cancer and health issues can leave behind. She wants to tell the world how small changes in your nutrition can improve your health and protect against health issues. After few coaching sessions, she was able to get her first sales funnel setup and begin her monthly newsletter sharing health tips to grow her audience.  

You Could Figure This Out on Your Own…But Do You Really Want to Waste Time, Effort, and Money When You Can Jump to the Front of the Line and Move Your Business Forward Faster? 

Let’s compare this to self-education. • You could invest in multiple internet marketing guru’s programs where you spend as much as $75,000 to $100,000 and never implement a thing! • Or you could invest in this workshop for $5,000 $2,499 and walk out with a proven plan of action.  

The cost of doing nothing is even higher. • If you’re average monthly income is $5,000, but your target monthly income is $15,000, you’re losing $10,000 a month, meaning it’s costing you $120,000 a year!  

What Do You Have to Lose? I’m Taking All the Risk For You! I’m so convinced this will work for you, I’m making you a personal promise.  

I take your business very seriously, and you have my personal promise I won’t rest until you’re delighted with your progress in your business. I have a heart for women like you and I know you can be successful. I believe in the benefits of this workshop so much I’m willing to guarantee it for 12 months.” – Elizabeth Marks, Your Marketing Mentor  

At any time up to one year after attending and applying what you learned in this workshop, if you decide I haven’t performed a miracle for you and your business, transforming it into a business you love and enjoy working in, just email me at and I’ll give you a complete refund. If you aren’t satisfied, I wouldn’t feel right about keeping your money. That’s why I make it easy to get a refund.  

There are no hoops you have to jump through, no complicated forms you need to fill out explaining why this program wasn’t right for you, nothing to prove…I promise I won’t question you and I won’t ever ask for the materials back. Just so you know, I’ve never had a single refund request!  

You won’t even have to wait because I’ll issue a refund on the spot.  

What’s This Worth to You?  

This won’t cost you a dime. Here’s 3 good reasons why:  

1. Implementing what you learn means you’ll start getting qualified leads automatically. 2. You’ll have more conversations with qualified leads, which means you’ll close more business. 3. You’ll be able to focus on the most enjoyable part of your business instead of tirelessly prospecting without results.  

If the only thing this workshop did for you was… 1. Bring you qualified leads consistently. 2. Save you time and effort of prospecting. 3. Equip you with a system to turn on the faucet of qualified leads when you wanted to. 4. Grow your email list to enable you to offer product/service upsells to increase your cashflow. 5. Expand your business and allow you to hire the resources to help you so you don’t have to do everything yourself.  

Any one of those benefits would be worth investing $5,000 $2,499. But this workshop delivers not one, not two, but all FIVE of these things!  

When you schedule a call with me today, you’ll receive three bonuses worth $181! For the first 12 buyers, I’m going to include these three bonuses as my free gift to you for making a quick decision.  

Bonuses: • Traffic Sources Worksheet to easily identify ways to drive traffic to your landing page effortlessly. (Valued at $57) • Ad/Landing Page Congruency Checker to eliminate any confusion preventing people from clicking. (Valued at $37) • Tools Resource List (Paid Ads, Social Media, Email Providers, LeadPages, Clickfunnels, Thrive themes) to avoid feeling overwhelmed with the tech stuff. (Valued at $87)  

It’s Your Turn. Time to Make a Decision.  

You can continue doing what you’re doing. You know where that leads, right? Stressed out, chasing prospects, frustrated by not having the time to do what you love, working harder than you need to, and discouraged by how hard it seems.  

If you have inconsistent income...

If you feel stuck in a feast or famine cycle...

If you are tired of networking with little to no results..  

You can CHOOSE a different path. A path to change your destiny.  

Here’s a Recap of What You Get Today Yes, Elizabeth, I’m ready to grow my business quickly. I understand when I schedule a call today and determine this workshop is a good fit for me, I’ll get access to the Lead-Generating-Machine Workshop, including:  

  • A proven 6-step process for lead generation. Automatically attract not just any leads but qualified leads. ($4,500 Value)  
  • Grow Your Email List Fast. Learn to turn your internal list of contacts into an unending stream of revenue. ($25,000 Value)  
  • Get the Tools to Set You Free. Get your life back and start living life on your terms. ($6,000 Value)  
  • Free Bonuses. Drive traffic effortlessly, increase conversions, and avoid overwhelm of the tech stuff. ($181 Value)  

Total Estimated Retail Value $35,681! Your Investment Today…only $5,000 $2,499.  

A year from today, you will arrive. The question is…where? Choose the path that takes you where you want to go.  


You're in luck! I'm letting the first 12 students in for half price. 

Normal price: $5,000  

Your price: $2,499 (for a limited time)  

Who am I and Why Should You Listen to Me?  

My name is Elizabeth Marks and I’m a marketing adviser with direct response copywriting and optimization specialties.  

In case you’ve never heard of me, here’s why I’m qualified to tell you about how you can boost your copy performance almost immediately…when you follow my advice:  

I am a Ray Edwards' certified direct response copywriter, trained in good, clear, compelling copy. I know the fundamentals of the P.A.S.T.O.R. framework, Power of One, the Three rules of selling, the 4P's and 4U's, the golden thread, the four-legged stool to strengthen copy, benefits work better than features, effective call to actions and powerful P.S.  

I earned my Email Marketing Mastery and Content Marketing Certifications from Digital Marketer. I earned my SEO Fundamental Certification from SEMrush.  

Before I launched my own business, I worked 30+ years in Corporate America. 

I have a heart for women entrepreneurs, like you. I want to help you grow your dream business.