How to Transform Your Ho-Hum Website into a Lead-Generating Cash Flow Machine

In this letter, you will not only discover the secrets of turning your website into a lead-generating machine that pumps dollars into your bank account, but you’ll also learn how to gain:

● VISIBILITY. How to get visible so your ideal audience can find you.

● ATTENTION. How to grab the attention of your visitors and stand apart from your competitors.

● SALES. How to get your visitors to take action and buy your stuff repeatedly.  

“The public is more familiar with bad design than good design. It is, in effect, conditioned to prefer bad design, because that is what it lives with. The new becomes threatening, the old reassuring." Paul Rand

If you struggle with lack of qualified leads… if your website isn’t converting leads into paying clients… 

If your frustrated with paying thousands of dollars redesigning your website again and again while still experiencing the same depressing results…  

You’ll want to read on because I’ve got a solution for you. More on that in a minute. But first, I want to share a story of one of my clients.

Cathy is responsible for the global marketing of her company. The only problem is her website isn’t working. Oh, it’s beautifully designed. She’s spent thousands of dollars to ensure the design was appealing to the eye. But when her boss asked how the newly designed website was performing, she was gripped with fear. How could she tell her boss that all that money they spent had little to no effect on the performance?  

Is Your Website Costing Your Thousands Too?

I know how it feels. You’re responsible for using the company resources wisely. You just spent thousands of dollars on a costly redesign and it’s not yielding the results you expected. Now, you’re worried about being fired for not delivering a return on investment! 

  Cathy never dreamed it could be so tough. She put her neck on the line to convince her boss a website redesign was needed. Now, she has to face her fear, the humiliation and jeopardize her stellar reputation by admitting the redesign did nothing to improve their situation. 

  What she really wanted was a website the turned visitors into prospects, converting those leads into paying clients automatically. She wanted a set-it and forget-it website. 

  What she longed for was a consistent and reliable method of delivering marketing qualified leads to keep the sales team’s pipeline full. 

Here’s What to Avoid: Traps and Pitfalls to Look Out For I know what most people do when their website isn’t working. They hire a graphics designer to create a stunningly beautiful website design, while ignoring the most important element of the website – the WORDS.  

Cathy now knows none of it worked, and she knows the next solution she tries, must overcome the following… ● Issue #1: Lack of right words. It better be more than just pictures. Words really matter. Words sell. ● Issue #2: Lack of story. No emphasis on the story or message you’re trying to convey. ● Issue #3: Boring tone. Using corporate speak doesn’t connect with the visitors and it’s boring. ● Issue #4: No call-to-actions. No logical flow of how you’re leading your visitors to take action or take the next step with you. ● Issue #5: Not relevant. Turning your ideal audience away simply by the words you’re using.  

Cathy Almost Didn’t Make It, Will You?

She didn’t have the knowledge of website best practices, an understanding of what really connects to her audience, or the skill resource in-house to write the words that sell. But Cathy wasn’t going to let that stop her.  

It was not easy. She researched what her options were. She interviewed several copywriters. But found it difficult to find someone with a technical background who was able to communicate their complex message simply. She tried using her internal staff, but they just didn’t have the skillset she needed.  

Then one day a miracle occurred. A seasoned, direct response copywriter reached out to her via LinkedIn. That conversation turned her situation around.  

That’s when Cathy learned about my Lead-Generating Copy Audit service. Now, she’s taken that process, used it herself to achieve her desired outcome.  

That’s Why I Created My Lead-Generating Copy Audit Service

Cathy’s Before & After Before, Cathy’s website was just a checkmark on her long list of marketing things she managed. Now, her website is filling her company’s sales pipeline with highly qualified leads!  

Here’s What You’re Getting in My Lead-Generating Copy Audit Service 

That’s why I created my Lead-Generating Copy Audit Service, so you can turn that website of yours into a Lead-Generating Machine to fill your pipeline with qualified leads. It worked for Cathy, for hundreds of others, and it will work for you, too. Here’s what’s included… 

1. Comprehensive Website Copy Audit: A page-by-page review (up to 5 pages) and report with detailed recommendations to boost response. This thorough review of the home page and main sub-pages focuses on…

• Sales Copy. Test the words used are actually helpful to a sale.

• SEO Meta Data. Test SEO to see if you're pages are ranking well.

• Key Phrase Use. Test keywords are one that yield search volume.

• Ease of Use. Test how easy to find what visitors are looking for.

• Best Practices. Test pages against web best practices.

• Conversion Optimized. Identify opportunities for improved search rankings and increased conversions/sales.  

Here’s exactly what this review includes: I'll evaluate your web pages using my 35-Point Customer Experience Checklist and the 5 C’s Content Guide™ for Web Pages That Work, looking specifically to see if your website is: • Customer-focused: Speaking to the visitors in a one-on-one conversational tone. • Competitive: Using the most relevant SEO keywords and sales copy to stand apart from your competition. • Clear: Offering helpful, scannable information within a user-friendly structure. • Conversion-optimized: Guiding visitors with offers and links that generate action. • Consistent: Using a constant brand voice and SEO approach to eliminate confusion.  

2. A detailed report of your website’s strengths and opportunities. You’ll receive a comprehensive written document covering your specific strengths and opportunities for improvement. This report will include screen shots indicating: • Direct Response copywriting recommendations. Provides explanations of what’s working and what could be improved. • Google Rankings. Identifies your current Google rankings and what’s displayed when you appear, with recommendations for improvement. • Competitive Rankings. Where you rank in search engines and how your competitors compare.  

3. A customized content strategy to boost SEO traffic and website conversions. I’ll review the report with you and discuss a content action plan to improve your results across 5 pages or in the most critical sections of your site.  

As a result of this work, you’ll have a clear, strategic road map for content changes that will make a huge difference to your website’s performance.  

This work is backed by my marketing promise and reputation of content optimization excellence, quick turnaround time, timely communications, and ethical, on-target marketing and SEO recommendations.  

The investment for my Lead-Generating Copy Audit Service is $1,997.  

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How Has This Helped Others?  

KWJWD is a ministry. Before they met me, their website wasn’t getting the kind of traffic they had hoped for. They struggled with a website that wasn’t easy to navigate. It didn’t have clear call-to-actions, such as how to donate. It was not easy to get the answers the visitor was searching for.

After the audit service, visitors were guided from one place to another, offered opportunities to connect and donate, and sign up for their newsletter to understand more about the ministry’s work.  

PerfectYourAim is a database marketing company that was unhappy with the low conversion rate for their free assessment.

After the audit, they discovered several reasons for the low conversion rate and implemented my recommendations which lead to higher conversions than they had previously. is a service provided to political candidates to help them grow their influence during campaigns. This website struggled to convey their value proposition in a way that resonated with their audience.

After the audit, they learned ways to incorporate stories to connect with their audience better. In addition, they discovered ways to include strong call-to-actions to encourage enrollment and bookings.  


"Elizabeth is a very detail-oriented worker who never loses sight of her goals and works very diligently to accomplish her tasks. She is very organized and meets all deadlines. She provides great feedback and guidance in writing for my tasks and projects given to her. She is a pleasure to work with and I'd recommend highly.” - Krystn Meier, Insurance Services Advisor  

What Are Your Options? Look, compare this to website redesign project that primarily focuses on the image, color, and feel. ● I know some clients who spent $30,000 up to $150,000 on a website redesign project. ● My Lead-Generating Copy Audit service is only $1,997.  

The Cost of Doing Nothing is Even Higher If your website’s goal is to generate $30,000 a month in sales, but it’s only producing $10,000, then it’s costing you $20,000 per month to do nothing. Over 12 months, that’s $240,000 of lost revenue! Let ME Take All the Risk  

Relief-Giving, Doubt-Busting, Money Back Guarantee

I’m so convinced this will work for you, I will make you this personal promise. And here goes… You are completely safe to try this. There’s a 100% Money Back Guarantee.  

“I take your business very seriously, and you have my personal promise I won’t rest until you’re delighted with your progress in your business. I have a heart for business owners like you and I know you can be successful. I believe in the benefits of this program so much I’m willing to guarantee it for 3 months.” – Elizabeth Marks, Your Marketing Mentor 

If you not overwhelmed in a good way by the comprehensive, thorough 35 to 60-page recommendation report, I’ll stand by my guarantee! Once you implement the recommendations from the report and allow enough time to test the results, if you haven’t seen an improvement to your website’s performance, you’ll get your money back.  

Just email me at and I’ll give you a complete refund. If you aren’t satisfied, I wouldn’t feel right about keeping your money.  

That’s why I make it easy to get a refund.  

There are no hoops you have to jump through, no complicated forms you need to fill out explaining why this program wasn’t right for you, nothing to prove… 

I promise I won’t question you and I won’t ever ask for the materials back. Just so you know, I’ve never had a single refund request!  

You won’t even have to wait because I’ll issue a refund on the spot.  

What is it Worth to You to Have a Lead-Generating Website?

This won’t cost you a dime. Here are 3 good reasons why: 1. Your website will rank better. More of your audience will find you and visit. 2. Your website will speak your audience’s language. So, you’ll gets better engagement. 3. Your visitors will find what they want easier and faster. Many will buy more because of it. If the only thing it did for you was… 1. Increase your conversion rate Seeing an increase in your conversion rate, even if it’s as little as 1%, could yield an extra $120,000 per year depending on your product’s price. 2. Reduce your bounce rate It’s a fact that lower bounce rates, helps your website rank higher in the search engine results. The bounce rate for a rank 1 website is 8.7% lower than a website ranked 10, according to 3. Improve your time-on-website When visitors stay on your website longer, they are more likely to take the next action step with you. 88% of online consumers are less likely to return to a site after a bad experience, according to 4. Drive more traffic to your website Answering your visitors’ questions quickly and easily helps your website rank higher in the search engine results. 5. Fill your sales pipeline Your sales team will consider you their hero when they have reliable, marketing qualified leads flowing freeing.  

Any one of those benefits would be worth investing $1,997. But my product delivers not one, not two, but all FIVE of these things.  

Its Time Turn Your Website into A Lead-Generating Cash Flow Machine 

Time to Decide. Time to change your website for the better. Time to change the destiny of your business.  

Here’s What You’re Getting Today 

Yes, Elizabeth, I’m ready to turn my website into a Lead-Generating Cash Flow Machine. I understand that when I order today, I’m getting the entire Lead-Generating Copy Audit service including:

1. Comprehensive Copy Audit: A page-by-page (up to 5 pages) review and report with detailed recommendations to boost response. Detailed recommendations to identify and prioritize your improvement efforts. ($4,997 Value)

2. A detailed report of your website’s strengths and opportunities. Know how you stack up against your competitors and implement recommendations to make you the best choice. ($ 2,997 Value)

3. A customized content strategy to boost SEO traffic and website conversions. Influence your content strategy with best practice, proven recommendations. ($1,997 Value)  

Total Estimated Retail Value $9,991 Your Investment Today $1,997  

One thing is for sure: a year from today, you will surely arrive. The question is… where?  

Will your website still be a disappointment in terms of leads and sales? Or will your website be filling your sales pipeline and contributing to your bottom line automatically? Choose the right path. P.S. - Turn Your Website into a Lead-Generating Cash Flow Machine. Schedule a Call Now before the spaces are filled.

Still Have Questions?  

Here are the answers to the ones I most commonly hear. Q – Is this price for the recommendations and the implementations of the recommendations? A – Yes you are buying the best practice, proven wisdom and advice from a direct response copywriting expert. Yes, you receive my assistance to implement the recommendations.  

Q – Who is this right for?

A – Any business owner, who has annual revenue of $250,000+ and at least 10% of revenue coming from your website and wants to increase that percentage going forward.  

Q – Who is this not right for? A – This is not an ideal service for someone just getting started in the online space.